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Visit the island of Murano: The glassblower of Murano – Tips & Info

Visit the island of Murano | Most of the Venice tourists also visit this place during their visit to the lagoon city: Murano. This archipelago of approximately one square kilometer has been part of Venice since 1924 and consists of seven islands. These are connected by bridges. Numerous canals run through this part of the city and give it its typical Venetian appearance.

It is best known for his art of glass. Many of the approximately 5000 inhabitants work in one of the traditional glass-blowing factories and export their goods all over the world. The tourism that developed, as a result, became another important source of income for the population. In addition, as is usual for a Mediterranean region, fishing plays an important role.

The geographical location: Where is the island of Murano located?

On the eastern coast of the Italian boot, in the north of the country, lies the Veneto region. It is also known for its many beaches. Only an hour’s drive from the popular seaside resort of Lido di Jesolo is Venice – the capital of the region.

One kilometer northeast of the old town, in the middle of the lagoon of Venice, you find the island, Murano.

Directions to Murano

Visit the island of Murano

As Murano is a real island, it is only possible to get there by boat. Here are my hopefully simple tips for a crossing with public water buses.

General information:

► Single tickets cost from € 10,00 €, are therefore extremely expensive and the purchase is sometimes quite cumbersome for foreigners. Here you will find all the information you need about local public transport in Venice.

► The relatively small water buses drive regularly, at least every 20 minutes, are however at certain times often overcrowded. Every day thousands of tourists travel via Murano to Burano or Torcello.

► The crossing to Murano only takes a few minutes. That goes still standing, who wants to continue to Burano or Torcello, should be early locally around a seat to get hold.

My suggestion:

► Buy day tickets in advance on the Internet. Validity 24 hours from the first validation. The tickets are valid for the entire Venice public transport network, including Murano, Burano, Torcello and Lido di Venezia.

► Island hopping in the lagoon of Venice can be very time consuming, therefore it is best to depart in the north of Venice at the ferry terminal Fondamente Nouve with the lines 4.1, 4.2 (intermediate stop at the cemetery island San Michele, which is also a great sight and then several stops in Murano) or lines 12 and 13 (stops only in Murano Faro). It doesn’t really matter where you get off at Murano. The island is very small and you can visit everything on foot without any problems. Line 3 also takes you quickly and directly from Pizzale Roma to Murano!

► Classic island tours. For time reasons mostly the best solution. More about this at the end of the text. Murano is also a stop at the Venice Sightseeing Tour with the Hop-on Hop.off boats. More information and tickets in my separate article Hop-on Hop-off Boots tour.

Venice’s public transportation: water and city buses

For holders of the Venice City Pass, the use of the public water buses is already included in the price if the option is booked accordingly, so an individual trip to Murano is also free. If you book the City Pass Complete, you can take part in a free classic island tour of the islands off Venice, including the island of Murano, which is well worth a visit.

Historical background

Visit the island of Murano

The first settlers settled in Murano in the sixth century and made it an important commercial port. In the course of time, glass was the dominant craft in the region. Especially in the 13th century, when techniques of processing became known from the Orient, this Venetian glass experienced enormous popularity. Vases, glasses, and jewelry were exported to China.

In Venice, most of the craft rooms were located in the center of the city. Due to the close proximity of the houses, there were more and more fire accidents. The glassblowers saw their existence threatened. They were also afraid that the techniques could be imitated and wanted to protect them from espionage. In 1295 the glassblowers and their ovens moved to Murano.

At the end of the 18th century, the craft paused for some time. Napoleon conquered Venice, it was the downfall of the Venetian Republic. But in the middle of the 19th century, the old tradition was resumed by some glassblowers.

Glass production

Visit the island of Murano

If you visit the island, you should in any case visit one of the many glass-blowing shops. Here you can watch the owners do their impressive work and buy nice souvenirs. Especially vases and all kinds of jewelry are brought home by tourists as souvenirs.

In the factories, you can watch how the glass is heated and softened. Because of this mobility, it can now be brought into all sorts of shapes.

The glass of the island is internationally known. It is exported beyond Europe to distant regions of the world. Although it is now copied in other countries, Murano glass is a specialty. The production techniques are denied to the general public and are only passed on from family to family. The glassblowing secures its existence and is still one of its most important professions today.

One of the oldest companies is Salviati, which is internationally known for its glass mosaics. As early as 1880 their decorations decorated Aachen Cathedral. Their glass mosaics can also be found in the Paris Opera, the Westminster Abbey in London and the Windsor Castle Chapel.

Murano GlassDurationPrice*Tickets
Glass Factory Tour
& Glass Blowing
20 minutes5,00 €Book online
Glass Blowing
20 minutes10,00 €Book online

The glass craft and other sights

Visit the island of Murano

In addition to the glassworks, it is worth visiting the Museo del Vetro (Museum of the Vetro), which displays glass and its production. In an interesting way, the individual steps up to the final result are illustrated. You can also admire art objects up to 2000 years old as well as modern ones. It is particularly famous for its blue chalice, the ‘Coppa Barovier’ from the 15th century. Tickets for the Glass Museum can also be purchased as a combined ticket with the Lace Museum on Burano.

On Murano, however, it is not all about glass. You can also visit other interesting sights such as one of the oldest churches in the region. The Basilica of Santa Maria e Donato dates from the 7th century and has a unique mosaic floor. Other places of worship worth seeing on the island are the churches of San Pietro Martire and Santa Maria degli Angeli.

If you are interested in architecture, you should walk to the Palazzo da Mula. This villa was built in the 15th century in red brick in the typical late Gothic style. It has a well-preserved garden and used to be the summer residence of the rich inhabitants of Venice.

You will make many unique discoveries on a walk through the narrow streets and canals, where you can feel the true Italian charm of the island.

Murano and tourism

Visit the island of Murano

Murano, like the other districts of Venice, is designed for tourists. Thousands flock here every day to experience the famous glass craft with their own eyes. Almost every Venice trip includes at least a half-day, if not a full day, tour of this part of the city.

In many shops, you will always find a nice souvenir. If you want to learn more about the art of glass blowing, you can also visit a factory. Daily tours and demonstrations for the tourists are offered. There are also nice restaurants and cafés where you can have a break with pizza and pasta.

Here are some suggestions for tours, which almost always include the islands of Burano and Torcello, which are also worth visiting.

The price for all the trips is about 20,00 € per person. Discounts for children, meeting points and all other details on the provider’s website.

The tours last between 4 and 6 hours. Further offers for island tours can also be found on the information pages for the islands Burano and Torcello

Island TourDurationTickets
Murano + Burano +
6 hoursBuy online ticket
The Three Islands
of the Lagoon
4,5 hoursBuy online ticket

If you are visiting Venice and want to know more about glassblowing in Murano, you can also take part in a corresponding demo with workshop.

The individuality of this district

You can visit a little specialty in Murano, which you can’t see anywhere else in the world. In a public square, you’ll find a three-meter high art object: the ‘Cometa di Vetro’ – made of blue glass. This once again proves the great importance that glass art has had on this island for centuries.

The overall impression is thoroughly positive. The many canals and beautiful bridges will immediately put you in a southern holiday mood. Due to the small area, the old buildings are close together, there are no big streets. Since the island is car-free, you can stroll around here undisturbed.

Excellent excursion destination

Visit the island of Murano

Besides Venice, Murano is considered to be the most important island of the Venice lagoon. It is not too crowded by tourists in comparison and has thus been able to preserve its uniqueness and charm for the most part. Murano is always worth a visit. Due to its excellent location, it is extremely quick and easy to reach. You don’t have to plan too much time for a visit.

After approximately three hours and a short outward trip with the public Vaporetto, one has explored the relatively small island and can, for example, relax in one of the many cafés and enjoy an espresso before returning to the lively center of Venice.

Also, holders of a ticket for the Hop-On Hop-Off boat trip can make a stop of any length in Murano – tickets are also available here.

Overnight stay on Murano

Visit the island of Murano

There is a direct boat transfer from the main airport Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia (VCE) to Murano in the months from April to October. Costs approx. 15 € for the return trip, travel time one way approx. 30 minutes, departure hourly. Info.

Especially interesting for visitors who want to stay a little longer in the area and decide to stay overnight on Murano. It’s a bit quieter here and you can quickly get to the lively center of Venice, to one of the other worth seeing islands in the lagoon or at the Lido di Venezia. The sightseeing tours take a little longer, but with a day ticket for the public water buses, you can get everywhere.

For this I give you also still my hotel tips for overnight stays on Murano:

Casa sulla Lugana – Only a few meters away from the water bus stop Murano Navagero. So it is easy to get to the center of Venice. The rooms with bathroom all have a sufficient comfort, WLAN, the highlight of the pension is the view of Venice.

  • Address: Fondamenta Navagero Murano 86A, 34100 Murano, 7 rooms, double room from approx. 100,00 €
  • Transfer to the center of Venice: 100 meters from the ferry terminal Navagero

Book Casa sulla Lugana online

Hotel Conterie – Centrally located a family-run hotel in Venetian style. 5 minutes from the water bus stop Murano Museo for trips to Venice. Comfortable rooms, WLAN, breakfast included.

  • Address: Calle Conterie 21, 30141 Murano, 30 rooms, double room from approx. 100,00 €
  • Transfer to the center of Venice: 5 minutes from the ferry terminal Murano Museo.

Book Hotel Conterie online

Hotel Al Soffiador – Simple 2-star accommodation, clean, quiet and centrally located, 1 minute to the ferry terminal Murano Faro, rooms with bathroom, WLAN, breakfast included in the price.

  • Address: Viale Bressagio 11, 30141 Murano, 30 rooms, double room from approx. 100,00 €
  • Transfer to the center of Venice: 1 minute to the ferry terminal Murano Faro.

Book Hotel Al Soffiador online


  1. We just visited Murano. We spotted a chandler at a store that is a few doors down from the Vaporetto stop from Venice. We continued walking the island and decided to go back to the store with the chandler we liked to take a second look. They were either closed or for some reason couldn’t find them. I’m trying to find someone who can help me locate this particular store so I can call them. It’s a rather large store compared to other Murano stores and we me the owner and his wife. We believe the owner is Italian but we know from speaking to her that his wife is an American from New York. Do you, by chance, know the shop we are looking for? Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Robert, I am really sorry but I am afraid I won’t be able to help. These stores in Murano are obviously all very similar and there are 3 different Vaporetto Stops in Venice.
      Eventually you can try to retrace the route with Google Maps. If you click on the bottom right there is a little “Yellow Man”. You have to drag him on the street and then you can resimulate your walking route. Would that be an option for you?


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