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Teatro La Fenice in Venice – Opening Times 2024

La Fenice Opening Times

La Fenice Opening times | Tickets | La Fenice is a defined part of Venice and, like little else, reflects the city’s history. Tragedy and glamor are closely related in La Fenice, as it was part of the notorious Venetian society, which went far beyond national borders. A visit to La Fenice brings guests a little closer to the real feeling of old Venice and immerses them in a different world during a tour or evening.

Like most sights in Venice, the Opera House attracts many visitors. With a little luck, the opera house, in contrast to other highlights in Venice, is sometimes not completely overcrowded by tourists. The building is, a little bit hidden, away from big tourist masses, which makes the visit more pleasant. A visit during the winter as well as during the summer season is worthwhile.

When can I visit the Teatro La Fenice during the daytime?

Generally, the Teatro La Fenice offers a fee-based admission at the following dates and times:

January to DecemberMonday - Sunday09:30 - 18:00

During afternoon performances, technical work or artistic rehearsals, there are limited possibilities to visit the theater on some days. However, as the dates for the next few weeks are known in advance, visitors should be able to adapt well to them.

The exact opening hours can always be found on the official website of Teatro La Fenice. https://festfenice.com/en/orari

When is Teatro La Fenice closed?

La Fenice - Opening Times

The famous Opera Palace can be visited all year round. There are very few restrictions on individual dates. Full-day closures may occur, but it is very rare.

When is the last admission?

The ticket sale for a self-guided tour using an audio guide ends at 6:00 p.m. at the latest.

The theater will not be closed during the evening, because it expects guests for the various evening events.

Waiting Times at Teatro La Fenice

La Fenice - Opening Times

Times have changed – Venice is an absolute tourist boom city. The tourist flow does not stop at Teatro La Fenice. Especially during the daytime, there may be considerable waiting times for a visit.

Especially history, art and culture lovers should definitely plan a visit to Venice’s most beautiful opera house because it is not for nothing one of the most appreciated opera houses in the world.

It is therefore advisable to book tickets in advance at La Fenice for a sightseeing or evening event in order to avoid long waiting times in order to offer the spectators an authentic experience that they will not forget for a long time.

Best time for a visit at La Fenice

As always in Venice, the best visiting times are during the early morning or late afternoon. Guided tours usually take place in the late morning. Day tourists usually arrive during the morning and return home in the evening. 

Cruise passengers leave the ships very early, however, they head towards the typical sights of a city like Venice – St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge. In the evening the buffet on board of the cruise will be already waiting for them.

Best day of the week for the visit

Except for the Italians on the weekends, the crowds of visitors are almost always equally distributed over the different days of the week. Bus travelers, beach holidaymakers, travelers in round trips or tourists arriving and departing on cruise ships flood the city seven days a week.

Best time of the year for a visit

A more and more temperate climate turns many European tourists’ metropolises into unrestricted year-round destinations. With its more than 20 million visitors every year, this certainly applies to Venice.

The special flair of this city fascinates visitors not only on sunny May days but also on foggy November days. November, January, and February are a bit quieter, but then they are perfect for museum visits or concert evenings.

What can visitors expect at La Fenice?

La Fenice - Opening Times

Visitors can expect five floors in La Fenice, which were reconstructed to its original in the style of Venetian Classicism. Stucco walls, imposing chandeliers, gold-plated interiors and red velvet upholstery reflect the charm of old, glamorous Venice without losing any of its attractiveness.

La Fenice also has various boxes and an auditorium, equipped with armchairs made of red plush, in front of the impressive stage. The Opera House bar serves visitors at all times and is known for its special cocktails. La Fenice’s own house restaurant serves classic Venetian and Italian dishes and offers a wide selection of excellent red wines. 

The room-filling hall acoustics are very much appreciated by visitors to the performances and the opera experience can be enjoyed, both musically and visually, even in more economic seats.

Classical and timeless operas, by composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Wagner or Mozart, are mostly performed. Pieces of modernity are also shown in La Fenice. The program often changes seasonally.

Tickets for the Opera, Operettas, and Concerts

La Fenice - Opening Times

In various ticket offices in Venice as well as on the official website of the Teatro La Fenice, you can find out about the current schedule and also buy the appropriate tickets. However, it should be noted here that for some performances the venue is not the Teatro La Fenice as described, but the Teatro Malibran near the famous Rialto Bridge. Both theaters are marketed on the same website, but the respective performance location is clearly described.

The Teatro Malibran is also one of the most famous theaters in Venice but does not reflect the same glamor as the noble and world-famous La Fenice. A similar program is played – operas, operettas, plays, concerts, and ballets. The opera house has a significant meaning for the history of the Baroque Opera and is therefore also an original location of the Venetian music culture.

If you want to take part in an extraordinary theater experience in Venice, you can inform yourself about the current program of Teatro Malibran on La Fenice’s website. Tickets can be purchased on-site or online. Definitely an alternative worth mentioning!

Information about La Fenice

The opening hours of the Teatro La Fenice during the day and outside of special events can be found at the beginning of the text.

Tickets for performances in the theatres mentioned above can, of course, be booked in advance at the appropriate ticket agencies on the Internet at any time. Please always check the ratings of the individual marketers here. A visit to the theatre is not cheap, but you should check the prices on the Internet in advance.

People who have gotten a ticket and don’t know what to wear will find a note about the general dress code under practical information in La Fenice ticket prices. All important information about the visit and as well as about the location and directions for a visit to this attraction is also available in detail under visiting La Fenice.

Admission Fees without a guided tour

La Fenice - Opening Times

If you can’t or don’t want to see any performances, but still don’t want to miss an insight into La Fenice, you have the possibility to visit the theatre away from performances. Guided tours show the most interesting and beautiful parts of La Fenice and show the audience the architectural art of the theatre.

The tour guides also provide insights into the history of the opera house as well as into the life of its most famous composers. Again and again, smaller varying exhibitions can be visited in the opera house.

Here are the ticket prices for admission tickets without queuing, self-guided tour & audio guide:

La FenicePrice*Tickets
Adult 18-64 14,00 €Book online ticket
Senior 65+10,50 €Book online ticket
Student < 269,20 €Book online ticket
Kids 0-6 yearsFree

Visitors interested in a guided tour of the theatre should read my article La Fenice Admission Fees, which also includes the possibility of an organized tour in English, French or Italian.

Is a visit to La Fenice worth it?

A visit to La Fenice is definitely recommended, not only for opera lovers. The opera house is one of the most extraordinary attractions of the city, both architecturally and culturally, that nobody should miss. Especially for adults and young people with cultural interests, the opera house is particularly attractive, but children are also welcome to La Fenice guided tours. La Fenice is one of the top addresses in Europe and the world. A place that everyone should see at least once in life.

From impressive operas by famous performers, varied and educational exhibitions, guided tours to traditional Venetian cuisine as well as delicious cocktails, the audience will find everything their hearts desire for a successful evening. If you want to have a special and unforgettable experience during your trip to Venice, don’t miss La Fenice.

Venice and Classical Music

If the theater visit is too stressful or too expensive, here are a few suggestions for evening entertainment. A bit commercial, of course, but still authentic:

Interpreti Veneziani - Concert32,00 €Book online
Baroque and
Opera Concert
30,00 €Book online
Four Seasons Concert30,00 €Book online
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in Venice32,00 €Book online

Further important information about the respective concerts can be found on the provider’s website. Early bookings are recommended as many performances are often sold out in advance. More tips for the evening in Venice by night.

Top tip: For opera fans – Opera on the Grand Canal

* All prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. It always counts the current offer of the corresponding provider.


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