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Airport Transfer Venice – Marco Polo & Treviso – All Info & Tips

Airport Transfer Venice – The world-famous lagoon city, with well over twenty million visitors per year at the last count, is easy to reach thanks to its geographical location on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Tourists arrive by car, buses of all kinds, train, cruise ships or plane.

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Venice itself is car-free and the journey itself ends for all means of transport at a car park, bus or train station or at the cruise ship terminal. For all means of transport, there are indications in this article. Only the airports through which you can fly to Venice are located a little outside on the mainland and require a corresponding airport transfer.

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Overview of all the airports in Venice

There are two airports for direct air travel to the world-famous lagoon city:

► Venice Tessera – This is the international commercial airport and also the main airport in Venice. The official name is Aeroporto Internationale Marco Polo di Venezia, named after the Venetian merchant Marco Polo, who lived in the 13th century and became famous mainly for his China trip. The airport code is VCE and the official address is Viale Galileo Galilei 30, 30173 Venezia VE, Italy. The airport, which handles 10 million passengers a year, is located on the mainland, directly on the lagoon and about 8 km as the crow flies north of the tourist centre of Venice. Venice Tessera is serviced by all well-known airlines from home and abroad. Some low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair or Laudamotion, also take their passengers to Treviso Airport, which is a little further away.

Treviso Airport – Also marketed under the name Venice-Treviso, it is often the destination of well-known budget airlines such as Ryanair or Wizzair. The Aeroporto di Treviso ‘Antonio Canova’ is an airport near Treviso in the north-east of Italy with the official address Via Noalese, 63E, 31100 Treviso TV, Italy. The airport code is TSF. The distance to the centre of Venice is about 40 kilometres by road.

Several means of transport facilitate the transfer between the airports and the centre of Venice. The transfer is simple and clear, here are the different options.

Airport transfer from Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

Overland transfer

Stress-free with the ATVO Express Bus – This classic airport transfer takes you in 20 minutes to Piazzale Roma, the central bus station of Venice, from where you can reach the tourist centre of the lagoon city on foot or by public transport. Airport buses also run to the train station in Mestre, a suburb of Venice located on the mainland, for guests planning to stay overnight or stay outside the centre of Venice. The same applies to sun worshippers with the destination Lido di Jesolo. Tickets from the centre of Venice to Lido di Jesolo are available here.

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

► City Buses – The urban bus line 5 of the company ACTV is not cheaper than the ATVO Express bus, which is more time-consuming due to several stops, often very crowded and rather impractical for travellers who travel mainly with luggage. Tickets can be bought in the entrance hall of the airport or from local vending machines, then presented or validated on the bus. The buses that are not to be confused with the above mentioned ATVO Express buses can also be recognized by the colours orange or green-white. The trip goes from the airport to the Venetian bus station Piazzale Roma. They run several times per hour and the journey takes about 35 to 45 minutes. It is a typical city bus with many passengers and numerous stops along the way. You will have your luggage with you during the journey.

Taxi – For the approximately 15 to 20 minutes drive over the 13 km long distance from the airport to Piazzale Roma or the cruise terminal, one pays approximately 40,00 €. For smaller groups of 4 to 5 people, it is also worth booking an individual taxi transfer.

► Shared Taxi – The collective taxi (15,00 €) is more expensive than the bus transfer but cheaper than a private taxi or transport on the waterway, with which one also gets comfortably straight from the airport Marco Polo to the city centre of Venice.

Rental car – Renting a vehicle for the transfer to Venice only makes sense if you only want to stay in the lagoon city for a short time, or if you follow a hotel recommendation outside the center for parking. If you plan to travel further from Venice, you can already reserve a suitable vehicle here at the renowned car rental company SIXT or Booking.com.

Land Transfer online bookings  – short summary

Center, Mestre, Lido di JesuloPrice*Tickets
Bus Express Airport - Piazzale Roma10,00 €Book online
Bus Express Piazzale Roma - Airport10,00 €Book online
Return ticket18,00 €Book online
Bus Express Airport -Mestre10,00 €Book online
Bus Express Mestre - Airport10,00 €Book online
Return Ticket 18,00 €Book online
Bus Express - Venice center to Lido di Jesulo5,00 €Book online
Transfert Taxi - 1 to 6 people176,00 €Book online

Transfer on the waterway

Water taxi – The trip to Venice already starts with an extraordinary experience, as the arrival by water is always the most beautiful way. With a community transfer, you can travel comfortably in a fast motorboat to several landing stages along the Grand Canal. You may have to expect a short waiting time at the airport jetty, so be sure to book in advance. All the important details are on the provider’s website.

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

Private Water Taxi – Exclusive, classic, comfortable, romantic and of course somewhat expensive is the journey to Venice by private water taxi. The drive on the lagoon directly from the airport to the hotel with the first view of Venice takes about 30 minutes. The price for a private water taxi is for 1 to 6 persons.

► Public Alilaguna Boats – The cheapest boat trip can be enjoyed for a long time, as there are many stops, departure every 30-60 minutes. To St Mark’s Place, it can take 1.5 hours. If you have to go to the cruise terminal but have time, you have to use the blue route. Advantage: with boats from Alilaguna one can also get from the airport directly to the island Murano (8,00 €) or to the Lido di Venezia (15,00 €). Check timetables, routes and stops on the Alilaguna website.

Waterway Transfer online bookings

Venice CenterPrice*Tickets
Boat-Taxi37,00 €Book online
Taxi - Private Boat220,00 €Book online
Alilaguna Water Shuttle17,00 €Book online

My tip: Comfortably and fast to Venice with the Express Bus or the water shared taxi.

Airport transfer from Venice Treviso

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

For the transfer from the airport Aeroporto di Treviso-‘Antonio Canova’ to Mestre or Venice centre there are three possibilities:

► Public transport by bus and train – Time-consuming, impractical with lots of luggage, stressful in hot weather, organisationally more difficult – but also cheap. Bus number 6 regularly takes 15 to 20 minutes from the exit of the airport building to the Treviso train station. Here you can change to the regional trains to Mestre or Venice Santa Lucia. Easy ticket purchase from the ticket machines. Bus and train together cost about 6,00 to 7,00 € for one person per way. Larger pieces of luggage on the bus only with extra charge.

► Taxi rides – For the classical taxi trip up to the centre to Venice, 75,00 € should be enough.

► Express Buses – Comfortable, fast, practical and also not too expensive is the transfer with the express buses to various destinations. Departure directly from the airport. Details see the provider. Travel times vary seasonally and depend on flight arrivals. It is best to book the tickets for the express buses at home.

Express-Bus from TrevisoPrice*Tickets
Venise Bus Mestre & Center12,00 €Book online
Return ticket single12,00 €Book online
Return ticket22,00 €Book online

*All prices listed in this article are subject to change. The current offer of the supplier always applies. Tickets can also be booked for a round trip. Discounts for various groups of people, such as children and young people, as well as all further details on booking, can be found on the provider’s website.

Parking in Venice

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

Venice is car-free. Those who arrive by car or by rental car will have to stop in the huge suburb Mestre with its 200.000 inhabitants or in a very small part at the centre of Venice. Here, there are huge parking garages with parking costs from 25,00 up to 30,00 € per day.

Note: There is also an additional very detailed article on parking in Venice in the Transport section – Parking in Venice.

It is cheaper to park the car on the mainland (5,00 to 15,00 € for 24 hours). Then to your accommodation in Mestre or by taxi, bus or train to the centre of Venice. The buses and trains that cross the bridge from the mainland to the centre of the lagoon city are cheap with 1,50 or 2,00 €. Parking garages and parking places are often full, therefore it is best to book in advance, for example directly here over Parclick.

Parking on the mainland is cheaper, but please do not forget to transport your luggage, which sometimes has to be transported in crowded buses and trains. So maybe consider booking an overnight stay in Mestre and commute daily to Venice at a reasonable price. Everything is less romantic, one loses maybe one hour per day but saves a lot of money.

My tip: Parking in the new, modern and huge parking garage Tronchetto – Isola Nova del Tronchetto, 33/m, 30135 Venezia VE-, not far from the historical centre. Short (3,00 €/hour) and long term parking ( 20 to 25 € / 24 hours ) possible. Also suitable for mobile homes, small buses and similar. Direct connection to public transport (water bus line 2).

Book your parking in Venice online

Airport transfer in Venice with the train

Getting to Venice by train is easy. The last stop on the mainland is the suburb of Mestre, then it’s straight across the bridge to Venice to Santa Lucia station.

From there, one can immediately get into the Vaporetto boat, thus the water bus, or continue on foot towards the accommodation and the most important sightseeings.

Transfer to the cruise terminal

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

For those who want to go from the airport to the cruise terminal, all airport transfers end at Piazzale Roma (photo). From there you can get to the terminals at the Stazione Marittima for a small fee (nothing is free in Venice!).

The transport is provided by the ‘People Move‘, a driverless funicular that shuttles permanently between Piazza Roma and the Tronchetto station (photo). If you want to travel with your luggage safely, comfortably and quickly from the airport to the cruise terminal, you can book private transport here in advance.

Airport transfer Venice – What is the next step?

Airport Transfer Venice - Marco Polo & Treviso - All Info & Tips

No matter if by car, bus, train, airport transfer by land or cruise ship, those who have arrived in the old town of Venice at Piazza Roma, the adjacent Santa Lucia train station or the not too far away cruise ship terminal have to continue their trip to Venice on foot or by public waterbus.

You can find all the necessary information and booking options here. Transfer prices to the airport are generally not included in the single and multi-day public transport tickets and must always be purchased separately.

Airport transfer Venice – Further information

Hotel tipsThose who have not yet booked a hotel in Venice should have a look at my recommendations for hotels in the unique old town. Those who decide to stay in the suburb Mestre or in one of the smaller lagoon islands Murano, Burano or Torcello should have a look at my suggestions on the separate page hotel recommendations.

Travel guideVenice is unique. There are countless things to see and experience. Those who want to arrive well prepared will find here three interesting suggestions for classic travel guides. All with many practical tips, also for bars, cafés and restaurants.



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