Online-Tickets for your trip to Venice

Online-Tickets for Venice

Why buy online tickets for Venice in advance?

Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Almost 30 million tourists visit the lagoon city on the Adriatic Sea. All of them not only want to be photographed with the doves on the unique St. Mark’s Square but also visit the fantastic sights, such as St. Mark’s Cathedral or the Doge’s Palace with the often described Bridge of Sighs.

This leads to long waiting times everywhere. Holders of tickets booked online in advance always have priority access.

Tickets usually do not cost more than on-site. Thus, one can plan a trip to Venice in a calm, safe and stress-free way from home.

Admission to Venice?

Entry to Venice for day tourists is subject to an entrance fee. All important information can be found on the page Admission to Venice.

For which attractions should I buy tickets in advance?

In my article Online Tickets in Venice I give you a list of the tickets I strongly recommend to buy in advance. You will also find a list of recommended and other tickets. A lot depends on your interests, of course. Of course, the St. Mark’s Cathedral and the Doge’s Palace are in the foreground. But Venice is also a destination for those who are interested in arts and culture and prefer the museum and church visit to a popular excursion to the lagoon islands.

Where should you book your tickets online?

In my blog, you will only find offers from GetYourGuide, Viator and Tiqets, which  all belong without exception to the most recognized internet booking platforms. Everything from the booking to the confirmation via email is digital. All tickets or vouchers can be printed out or shown on the smartphone. Adequate explanations can be found on the provider’s website

Everything is always in English and should, therefore, help to prevent misunderstandings.

How do you pay for your online ticket?

Tickets are paid online when booking with standard systems or by payment card. All payments are confirmed. Bookings on-site always involve the risk of unfamiliar country-specific handling and in many cases also the disadvantageous carrying of cash. All of the providers mentioned offer only secure payment methods.

Further advantages of Online-Tickets

In the liveliest tourist strongholds, there are often very strange pricing policies for many local attractions and sights, which in most cases are not in favour of the travellers. With pre-booked tickets, there are no surprises here.

The boom in city travel has also led to an increase in admission prices for many important sights in recent years. Even short-term adjustments of ticket prices during a season are not unusual. By buying an online ticket, you can therefore always monitor your holiday budget.