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Hard Rock Cafe in Venice: Price, Visit, Opening times & Info

Hard Rock Café in Venice | Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city, with its palaces, bridges, churches, and alleys, floats in the lagoon like a fairy tale. Unfortunately, many people know this.

If you want to visit museums, come between October and February. Otherwise, enjoy the magic of Venice after 6 p.m. when most tourists have left the city again. Then comes a time when you meet more young people and fewer travel groups.

A living culture in Hard Rock Cafés

One of the best places to chill out after a sightseeing day in Venice is the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe Venice. There are about 170 of these locations worldwide, but the one in Venice is considered the most beautiful.

With an American restaurant and cafe, fresh atmosphere, attached shop for collectors, signed photos of superstar guests from the past and their original musical instruments on the wall, unique rock temples have been created.

The Hard Rock Paradise near St. Mark’s Square

In Venice, you will find the Hard Rock Cafe not far from St. Mark’s Square in Bacino Orseolo, 1192. In the north-western corner of St. Mark’s Square, there is a passage to the north, Calle Salvadago, and you are already standing in front of the magnificent shop in a column-decorated two-story small hall.

This Hard Rock Venice is one of the smallest stores in the chain in the world. Many gondolas are located in front of the bright windows of the café. You can approach the Hard Rock Cafe directly by gondola from any canal.

A child of rock culture

Hard Rock Café in Venice: Visit, Opening times & Info

The first store was founded in 1971 in London of rock culture by two Americans Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. Names like Pink Floyd, Queen, Rolling Stones, Police, Eric Clapton, and others populated the stages of the world. The audience experienced their music as liberation from all paternalism.

Eric Clapton loved the London cafe so much that he gave him one of his guitars, which was hung on the wall. Many other artists followed his lead. Thus the worldwide collection of musical instruments of the cafe came into being. Later some more instruments were bought. In 2006 the necklace went to the Indian tribe Seminole Tribe of Florida based in Miami.

Experiences in the Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafés combines selected elements of rock culture and create a very special atmosphere inside the café. On the opera stage, it was called the ‘total work of art‘ and you will immediately feel it when you enter a Hard Rock Café.

Authentic musical instruments, platinum records, and other symbols of rock culture are hung on the walls. The interior is very modern but with a warm design. People of all ages and ethnicities populate the store. Delicious American dishes with legendary flavors are served, especially with hamburgers or light salads.

Culinary delicacies from the United States

Hard Rock Café in Venice: Visit, Opening times & Info

The menu leads to the United States. At the table, you can have your own starter buffet of nachos, chicken wings, fajitas, flatbread, or any other dish you like served. Then come burger steaks with chips or bacon cheeseburgers and other dishes lovingly prepared with fresh vegetables, salad, and cheese. For vegetarians, there are tasty vegetarian burgers.

The Caesar salad is legendary. Ice cream or cake offers sweet moments. Particularly recommended is the delicious Long Island Ice Tea with gin, vodka, rum, and some other delicacies. Enter your dreams with a Mojito, a Pina Colada, or a classic Mai Tai. Non-alcoholic cocktails are excellent.

Venice is the highest point of the world’s Hard Rock Cafe chain

Hard Rock Café in Venice: Visit, Opening times & Info

Among all the stores in the chain, the Hard Rock Café in Venice is something very special. It is one of the smallest stores in the chain and yet it is famous all over the world. Be sure to book your tickets in advance, otherwise, you will have to queue for hours.

In a historic building at the height of Venice, craftsmen attach great importance to authenticity in this magnificent city. They have created for you a small paradise in Venetian style with a panoramic view of the canal. On the ceiling, a huge handmade chandelier recalls Murano’s glass art.

Entrance to the Hard Rock Café Venice

To avoid waiting time it is best to get an online ticket in advance. You will then be assigned the next free table before the waiting guests.

Guests who just want to try a legendary burger with fries or salad can also get a quicker entry to the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice here.

Hard Rock CafePrice*Orders
Entrance + Burger20,00 €online booking
Menu31,25 €online booking

*The prices quoted are always subject to change without notice for all offers, the current price of the provider always applies. There is a kid’s menu for children up to 11 years of age, which is ordered and paid for separately on-site.

Opening times of the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice

The restaurant in the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice is open daily from 11:00 to 23:30. Those who want can have a drink at the bar until 00:30.

Original Gifts in the Hard Rock Shop

Hard Rock Café in Venice: Visit, Opening times & Info

In the Café Rock Shop directly connected or in the shop near the Rialto Bridge, you can buy excellent collectibles. There are flag hats with Venice license plates, T-shirts, and other clothing items.

The Hard Rock backpack is absolutely chic. The series of matching pins for Venice is cheap, but original and beautiful souvenirs. Nowhere else will you find drumsticks with characters from Venice, a mini guitar, and other musical jokers.

You can find the separate Hard Rock Shop directly at the Rialto Bridge in Salizzada Pio X, 30124 Venezia.

Opening hours in any case daily from 10:00 to 19:30 o’clock. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00.

Your own Venice experience in Hard Rock

Hard Rock Café in Venice: Visit, Opening times & Info

A visit to the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice is much more than just a moment of freshness. You will be immersed in your own world of experience, which will remind you of your youth.

The music, food, and artists who have their guitars on the walls compose your own Venice sound. The original café is also an ideal place to meet people of the same age.

Location of the Hard Rock Cafe

In addition to the description from above here also a map. As I have already mentioned, St. Mark’s Square is only a few meters away.

Further tips for the evening

As a prelude to the visit to the Hard Rock Cafe, there are two suggestions for an aperitif.

If you are looking for something completely different for the evening, book a gondola trip and a Cichetti dinner or a sailing trip with dinner on the water, overlooking Piazza San Marco and the lagoon islands. All typical Venetian.

In the evening, when the tourists leave the city, Venice becomes especially romantic!

Venice at NightPrice*Tickets
Food and Wine tasting67,00 €Buy online ticket
Venetian Dinner58,00 €Buy online ticket
Lagoon Tour & Galleon Dinner110,00 €Buy online ticket

In order to experience Venice in the evening, it is, of course, more advantageous to stay overnight in a hotel in the center of the exciting lagoon city. Tips and suggestions in my top 10 hotels in the center of the city. The Hard Rock Cafe is also mentioned in my article about the culinary Venice.


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