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Travel Guide to visit Chioggia island near Venice: Infos & Tips

Visit Chioggia island | I admit that when you’re visiting Chioggia, there is no Doge’s Palace, no Piazza San Marco and Donna Leon’s Comissario Brunetti doesn’t solve tricky murder cases here. The gondolas carry no mourning and the small town with its 50,000 inhabitants does not have a world-famous opera house. The little town easily renounces all the fabulous treasures of international tourism.

It is rather modest and completely Italian-authentic. But if you are looking for romantic bridges and lagoons, romantic fishing boats, enchanting beaches, and pretty cafés and restaurants, this is the place for you.

Location: Where is the island of Chioggia located?

In the south of the lagoon, about 50 km from the epicenter of the World Heritage Site called Venezia, Chioggia opens its doors to guests who are not yet so numerous. The distance to Venice International Airport is 60 km. The journey by car via the SS 309 takes less than an hour.

The journey by water is much more attractive with the numerous public water buses, for example from the railway station Santa Lucia or from elsewhere in the center of Venice to the Lido, ferry terminal Santa Maria Elisabetta (S.M.E). From there the journey continues by bus line 11 to Pellestrina. In Pellestrina Cimitero you have to change again to the next ferry to Chioggia. Here the day ticket or multi-day ticket of the ACTV company is valid everywhere.

Venice’s public transport: water and city buses

It is much easier from June to September. Then the Valparetto line 19 departs from the ferry terminal San Zaccaria, not far from St. Mark’s Square, with special fares, but directly to Chioggia.

Of course, the journey on the water is more fun, but it is a little faster with the bus when departing from the central bus station in Venice at Piazzale Roma. Thus, it would be possible to go there on the water and back with the bus. It will always be a long day trip!

History of Chioggia

Visit Chioggia Island

Chioggia (formerly also Clodia, Chiozza, Clugia) was first mentioned in writing in the 5th century. It received its town charter in the Middle Ages and became a bishop’s seat in the 12th century. In and around the lagoon city the war between the sea republics Venice and Genoa raged in the 14th century. The Genoese attacked the Venetians from the south. Napoleon conquered the town in the 18th century. In the 19th century, it belonged to the Austrian Empire and became Italian in 1866.

Sottomarina, today’s seaside resort, bordering directly on Chioggia, was a wooded area until the 11th century. Then it was cultivated and used as a cultivation area for vegetables and flowers. During the war between the sea republics of Genoa and Venice in the 14th century, the area was largely devastated.

The coastal strip also eroded heavily. In 1744, construction began on the 1.2 kilometer-long Murazzi complex, which still protects the coast and the lagoon and can be visited between San Felice and the old Sottomarina.

The surprising old town of Chioggia

Visit Chioggia Island

The ubiquitous comparison with Venice is obvious. Picturesque rows of houses crossed by canals, the wonderful surroundings, in general, the picturesque old town with the Torre dell’orologio, a historic city portal and the three churches Santa Maria Assunta, San Domenico and San Martino convey a wonderful atmosphere.

The 14th-century Torre dell’orologio houses a museum with changing exhibitions and also provides a history of the city and its towers. It also offers the best view of Venice, the rooftops of the city and the Sottomarina district with its famous fine sandy beaches.

From Chioggia’s old town you can easily reach Sottomarina on foot via the Ponte Translagunare (distance 1.5 km).

Lively city life

Visit Chioggia Island

The Corso del Popolo is the main street in the pretty village. Every evening the Corso becomes a pedestrian zone and with its cafés, restaurants and beautiful palaces is the ideal backdrop for strolling and enjoying. If you are looking for a lively market, you will find it here on Thursdays. On weekdays, fish are already traded in the early morning. The men of Chioggia have been fishermen for generations and the town with its fish market is an important center for the fish trade.

As a lagoon city, one naturally has the main waterway. It bears the name Canale Vena. Nine pretty bridges span the canal and create an impressive, idyllic atmosphere. From July to September, guided city tours through the evening lagoon town are offered. The tour begins every Tuesday at 21.15 hrs and ends at 23.00 hrs. This and other tours are organized by the local cultural association “La Bricola”, partly in English and other languages.

Up-to-date information on cultural events can be found on the website Chioggianews24. Valuable tips in German on all tourist topics relating to Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isola Verde can be found at Sottomarina.

Hotel tip: Hotel Caldin’s. Simple house, in the middle of the historic old town. Who wants to experience the authentic Veneto is right here. Clean rooms with sufficient comfort, free WLAN. Parking facilities for guests who want to explore the surroundings by bike. 12 rooms, double room from 60,00 €.

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The most beautiful seaside resorts: Sottomarina and Isola Verde

Visit Chioggia Island

The wonderful beach of Sottomarina has a length of six kilometers and a comfortable width of up to 300 meters. A green paradise is the extensive holiday park Isola Verde, which is located in a southern direction and separated only by the Brenta canal from Sottomarina. The much-praised bright sandy beach has a high proportion of quartz and silicate. The water quality certified with the Blue Ribbon is also excellent.

The beach of Sottomarina is a jewel. Not only because of its children’s playgrounds is it considered to be very child-friendly. In the water park at Bagni Europa, there is a 200-meter long water slide, hydromassage pools, wave baths and many additional attractions including beach bars and clubs. The beach is a real paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The Diving Center offers wonderful dives to the Tegnùe Marine Park. Sailors and surfers like the area at the Lido of Sottomarina as much as tennis players and beach volleyball players. Water scooters, boats, bicycles and all kinds of sports equipment can be hired.

Two sports centers and three fitness centers offer additional training options and a large course program with yoga, Pilates or Reiki. A well-developed lakeside road connects the bagnis and hotels, sports and leisure facilities. The pretty beach promenade invites you to stroll in the style of traditional seaside resorts. A small train, called Trenino, runs in summer and makes a leisurely tour through Sottomarina possible. The Trenino starts and ends at the Lungomare Adriatico. The tickets are sold by the driver.

Some tourists who come to Venice make a day trip to Chioggia. Others spend a holiday here on the beach and undertake their sightseeing trips from Chioggia to the world-famous lagoon city.

On foot, it is only 20 minutes from the old town of Chioggia to the great beaches of the tourist resort Sottomarina with its complete tourist offer.

Hotel tips for overnight stays in Chioggia

Visit Chioggia Island

Hotel The Originals Venise Sud Bristol Chioggia – Lungomare Adriatico 46, 30015 Sottomarina. Classic 4-star tourist hotel. Here everything is perfect, top location, short way to the clean beach, 15-20 minutes walk to the old town of Chioggia, pool, WLAN, cheap breakfast for 5,00 €. 64 rooms, double room from 95,00 €.

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Hotel Miramare – Lungomare Adriatico 28/c, 30015 Sottomarina, 3-star tourist hotel, inexpensive, with pool, WLAN, very good price-performance ratio, breakfast included in the price. 66 rooms, double room from 50,00 €.

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Carlo Goldoni and the City Theatre of Chioggia

Closely linked to Chioggia is the name of the poet Carlo Goldoni, who was once very popular with comedies and libretti. He wrote many of his popular works in the dialect of Veneto. He was inspired by the native Chioggiotti Rosalba Carriera. “Much noise in Chiozza” and other pieces by Goldoni are still part of the repertoire of the Piccolo Teatro Città di Chioggia (www.piccoloteatrochioggia.it).

Rosalba Carriera, born in 1673, was once a successful portrait painter. Her works can be seen in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Venice, in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and in the Dresden Gemäldegalerie. The calle Rosalba Carriera is reminiscent of the painter. Both Rosalba Carriera and Carlo Goldoni spent several years of their lives in Palazzo Carlo Goldoni. However, this did not happen at the same time.

Chioggia is worth more than a trip

The little town is a true gem, which has far more facets than the view from afar suggests. Its rich history, outstanding location, variety of interesting places and abundance of tourist attractions offer inspiration, relaxation, and entertainment for every traveler.

It doesn’t matter whether you travel with your family, as a couple, single or with like-minded people. The magic of this pretty little lagoon town will enchant any traveler.


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