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La Fenice Theater in Venice – Admission Fees 2024

La Fenice Theater in Venice - Admission Fees

La Fenice Theater Admission Fees – Simple ticket – | Italy is the mother country of the opera thanks to its world-famous Milanese Scala, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples or the well-preserved Roman Amphitheater Arena of Verona.

Likewise, La Fenice Theatre is one of the most important and great operas worldwide. Venice still has other opera houses, such as the Teatro Goldoni, the oldest existing theater of the lagoon city or the Teatro Malibran, in the Cannaregio district of Venice.

These opera houses are also worth a visit, however, they do not have the elegance and glamour like the unique Teatro La Fenice.

Extra note: These concerts do not take place in the La Fenice Theatre, but in other fantastic churches and theatres in the lagoon city.

Interpreti Veneziani - Concert32,00 €Book online
Baroque and
Opera Concert
30,00 €Book online
Four Seasons Concert30,00 €Book online
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in Venice32,00 €Book online

All important information about the respective concerts and the authentic locations of the performances can be found on the provider’s page. Early bookings are often recommended, as many events are often sold out in advance. This is especially true for opera performances in historic buildings, such as Opera in the Palace on the Grand Canal. Info on this also in Venice by night.

Now we continue with everything worth knowing about the unique Teatro La Fenice.

How can I visit Teatro La Fenice?

La Fenice Theater in Venice - Admission Fees

There are three possibilities to visit this unique opera house:

Self-guided Tour & Audio guide – With tickets purchased in advance you can enter the theater without having to queue and go through the building by yourself. Printed and mobile vouchers are accepted. At the entrance, you will receive an audio guide that provides you further explanations in different languages, including other languages. Opening hours for the sightseeing can be found at the end of this article or at La Fenice Opening Times.

Guided tour of the theatre – An approximately 1-hour tour of the building. The tour is exclusively offered in English, French or Italian. However, much of the tour only takes place in the independently accessible part of the building. I personally recommend the guided tour only for particularly enthusiastic visitors, otherwise, I think the self-guided tour with an audio guide is sufficient.

Taking part in a performance – Certainly, the most spectacular way of visiting the theater is to go to the opera, operettas or concerts.

Admission Fees without a guide

Here are ticket prices for admission tickets, self-guided tour & audio guide without queuing:

La FenicePrice*Tickets
Adult 18-64 14,00 €Book online ticket
Senior 65+10,50 €Book online ticket
Student < 269,20 €Book online ticket
Kids 0-6 yearsFree

To receive an audio guide you will have to present an identity document as a deposit.

Admission Fees with Guide

Visitors who are interested in participating in a guided tour in English, French or Italian can also acquire the corresponding tickets here.

La Fenice + TourPrice*Tickets
English tour25,00 €Book online ticket

The Teatro La Fenice is not far from St Mark’s Square. The Teatro La Fenice guided tour + St Mark’s Campanile combination ticket may be worthwhile, as it is always crowded at the entrance to the bell tower.

Tickets for operas, operettas, and concerts

For the current program of Teatro La Fenice as well as the booking of tickets, I recommend to a take look at the official theatre’s website. Tickets are not only offered for La Fenice, but also for other opera houses in Venice, like for instance, the above-mentioned Teatro Malibran.

When buying a ticket, make sure you know exactly where the performance is taking place! teatrolafenice.it/en

If you would like to plan a bit more in advance, you can also purchase admission tickets from a large number of relevant internet providers. However, please check the sales portals in the well-known rating sites here. This also applies to admission prices, which can often vary between 150 € and 300 € for operas, for instance. 

Tickets can also be purchased on-site or at one of the many sales points in Venice. The list of box offices can also be found on the theatre’s website. teatrolafenice.it/en/ticket-office-info

Visitors who are interested in participating in performance will find some practical tips throughout this article.

Theatre La Fenice – A visit to Venice’s exceptional opera house

Venice evokes many associations. From gondolas gliding past picturesque facades through the city’s numerous waterways, from glass art, to the unique Venetian Carnival – a visit to Venice is a special experience.

Hardly any other city combines tradition, art, and culture more impressively than the Italian coast city. Therefore it is no wonder that Venice is also home to theatres and opera houses rich in tradition.

The largest and most famous opera house in the city is the Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, or ‘Teatro La Fenice‘ for short. From 1792 to this day, the opera house performs classical operas and operettas under the lead of Italy’s best directors. People interested in culture should definitely plan a visit to the traditional opera house.

Teatro La Fenice – Waiting Times

Teatro La Fenice is one of the top attractions of Venice. Also due to its proximity to St. Mark’s Square, it inevitably attracts tourists. However, long waiting times for sightseeing are not uncommon, which of course only applies to visitors who have not pre-booked any online tickets without queuing. Combined tickets may also be an advantage:

La Fenice +Tickets
Guided tour +
St. Mark´s Campanile
Buy online ticket
Music experience
Interpreti Veneziani
Buy online ticket
Unica City Pass +
La Fenice via upgrade
Buy online ticket

In this article, apart from Online Tickets and Waiting Times in Venice, I have also written two extra articles with many tips regarding this topic.

Opening times Teatro La Fenice

Generally, the Teatro La Fenice allows a fee-based admission for visits on following dates and times:

January to DecemberMonday - Sunday09:30 - 18:00

There are often slight changes in the opening hours for various occasions. Please read my article La Fenice Opening Times. There you will also find the current opening hours.

History of La Fenice

La Fenice means ‘phoenix’ and goes back to the history of theatre. First built in 1774 as Teatro San Benedetto, the opera house fell victim to a devastating fire and was then rebuilt like a phoenix from its ashes. In 1790 the reconstruction work began again in the theatre and commissioned by the property owners, the Patrician Venier family.

Consequently, the Venier family won the sovereignty over the theater in a lawsuit following the fire. The leading architect was the Italian Gian Antonio Selva, an important representative of Venetian Classicism reflected also in La Fenice.

In 1792 the opera house was finally reopened and has since then been called the “Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia”, or La Fenice.

In addition to the fire, the name of La Fenice also goes back to the freemason ideology, to which the members of the theater society largely belonged. The phoenix, the sunbird, is in the Masonic ideology a symbol of resurrection and rebirth and refers to the time of the Enlightenment and its symbolism of light (which brings light into darkness).

Shortly after its reopening, the theater became one of the most important opera houses in Italy and numerous famous operas premiered in La Fenice. The Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi often chose La Fenice for its premieres. His works Ernani, Attila, Rigoletto, Simon Boccanegra, and La Traviata were premiered at La Fenice.

The tragic connection between La Fenice and fire is not over yet – in 1996 the theater was set on fire during renovation work. The arsonist was the electrical engineer Enrico Carella, who wanted to avoid being sued for unscheduled work. The building once again burned down to its foundations and was subsequently reconstructed to its original by architect Aldo Rossi.

Practical Information

The theater has two entrances. A guarded entrance for the artists and staff and a second for visitors on a guided tour or ticket owners for a performance. Also, People who are interested in buying a ticket, or visiting the souvenir and book shop or simply want information at the information desk, can enter the theater.

All floors of the building are connected by lifts. People in need of special assistance to participate in performance are welcome to contact the theater at + 39 041 786511 at any time.

A wardrobe, even for bulky objects, is available free of charge.

X Taking photos and any type of film or video recording with a smartphone, camera or other recording device is strictly forbidden in the auditorium.

Dress Code for performances

What you should wear depends very much on the occasion, the time and the type of performance.

At an opera premiere and concert season, gentlemen are required to wear a tuxedo or at least a dark suit with a black tie. Ladies, please wear an elegant evening dress!

For other premieres, a suit and tie are necessary for men and a black dress for women.

At the other evening events, shirts and jeans are allowed.

This also applies more or less to performances in the afternoon. But please do not wear shorts or sleeveless t-shirts. In case of inappropriate clothing, the entrance to the performance will be denied and the admission fee will not be refunded.

So nothing should stand in the way of the dress code to treat yourself to tickets for the absolute highlight of a visit to Venice!

* All prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. It always counts the current offer of the provider.


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