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Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info


Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice | Tickets | In Venice, on the Grand Canal near the Accademia, lies the important Ca’ Rezzonico Museum. It has a special history due to its previous owners and its construction. In order to give you a rough idea of it, the historical background, as well as the architectural orientation, will be briefly described. You will also get an overview of the collections kept there, as well as other sightseeing opportunities. For example, one of the most remarkable features is that the frescoes and ceiling paintings were painted by a wide variety of artists.

Finally, an explanation of the overall impression makes it clear to what extent a stay at Ca’ Rezzonico is worthwhile. The museum is one of the most famous sights in Venice. The number of visitors is manageable, but at certain times can also lead to queues at the entrance. Appropriate admission tickets can be purchased here in advance.

History of the Museum

History of the Museum

The noble Venetian family Bon had the building built as a palace in the 17th century by the very famous architect Baldassare Longhena. Because he could not finish his work before his death, the construction was stopped due to the high costs. Rezzonico, newly ennobled in Venice, bought the palace in 1750 and had the construction continued by the architect Giorgio Massari. In 1758 Rezzonico’s son Carlo became Pope Clement XIII.

When there were no more descendants from the family, various people lived in the house, among them the poet Robert Browning in 1887 and 1888 or Cole Porter, a well-known musician, in 1926 and 1927. In 1935 the city of Venice bought the palace and converted it into a museum called Ca’ Rezzonico.

Interesting architecture

Ca' Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info

Originally, Venetian palaces were designed with a three-part structure. According to this, there would be a wing on each side and a row of windows in the middle. Longhena, however, adhered to Jacopo Sansovino’s concept by, for example, contrasting light and dark elements and creating a continuous surface.

On the other hand, he placed an inner courtyard between the watergate and the land gate, while a closed portico was traditionally used in Venice. The interplay of light and shadow makes the room appear larger and leads to the family coat of arms above the fountain.

Ca’ Rezzonico Opening times

Here you will find the opening times for visiting Ca’ Rezzonico.

MonthDaysTimesLast admission
Nov - MarchEvery day, except Tuesday10.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.4.30 p.m.
April - OctEvery day, except Tuesday10.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.5.30 p.m.


In this museum in Venice, you can understand the life of the 18th century. Not only paintings but also furnishings and sculptures can be found on the first floor in eleven rooms. Works by Longhi and Giandomenico Tiepolo can be seen on the second floor. On the top floor, you will find a pharmacy with three rooms and the Pinacoteca Egidio Martini. You will also find frescoes and paintings by Canaletto and Francesco Guardi in the museum. You can also see, for example, how Pietro Visconti decorated the sidewalls of the ballroom.

A special feature can also be seen in a ceiling painting by Giovanni Battista Crosato depicting Apollo with his sun chariot. The wedding between Ludovico Rezzonico and Faustina Savargnan is also immortalized. If you are interested in pastel painting, you will find your own room with this style of art. Flemish carpets with the motif of the Queen of Saba and King Solomon are to be found in another room.

What is there to visit?

Ca' Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info

In front of the building, you can stroll through a large garden. Besides the collections, which are presented from the staircase, there is also a bookshop and a cafeteria. There you can take a little break. Right next to it, you’ll find a staircase leading to a mezzanine with works by Jacopo Tintoretto or Bonifacio de’ Pitati. In the ballroom, there is a constant alternation between grey columns and virtual statues. The museum also houses Venetian glass.

On the ceiling of a hall, you are confronted with a portrait of Diziani on the subject of ‘ignorance’. More pictures of Rosalba Carriera, known for her pastel technique, can be viewed. On the first floor, you will also find the Lazzarinisaal with works by Tiepolo’s students. In the Ladies’ Hall, there are many mirrors and the colors green and pink.

Ca’ Rezzonico admission fees

Ca' Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info

If you would like to plan your stay in Venice in advance, you can already book the corresponding tickets here:

Ca' RezzonicoPrice*Online Ticket
Adult (15-64)11,00 €Buy online ticket
Child (6-14), Senior 65+8,50 €

* Prices are subject to change without notice. The current offer that applies is always that of the service provider.

Important: Holders of the Museum Pass Venice have free admission. The entrance fee to Ca’ Rezzonico is already included in the purchase price of the museum pass.

Overall impression of Ca’ Rezzonico

Ca' Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info

The ballroom with its illusionistic presentation is impressive. Above all the diversity between special architecture, works of the 18th century, and the idea of life at that time including furniture make a visit worthwhile. Both a private bedroom and other rooms are furnished.

In each room, information is provided in five different languages on the findings, so that no questions remain unanswered. The many paintings and ceiling frescoes are especially thought-provoking. Thus you not only take the visual splendor of the building and its equipment with you but also experience the way of thinking of the society at that time. A visit to Ca’ Rezzonico’s should therefore not be missed.

Practical Information

The museum offers all the traditional services for a pleasant visit. These include:

  • Information desk, ticket office, and cloakroom
  • Audioguides, Bookshop and Museum Café, Wi-Fi free zones
  • Lift, baby nursing, rest area, changing table, and toilets
  • Persons with reduced mobility have unrestricted access

Location and Directions to Ca’ Rezzonico

Address: Ca’ Rezzonico, Dorsoduro 3136, 30123 Venice

  • From Piazzale Roma or Santa Lucia Vaporetto station line 1 – Stop: Ca’ Rezzonico
  • The same applies to trips from Lido di Venezia, also Vaporetto line 1 – Stop: Ca’ Rezzonico

Sights in the surrounding area

Ca' Rezzonico in Venice: Admission fees, Opening Times & Info

From the museum to Santa Lucia railway station, it is a 10-minute walk to the world-famous Rialto Bridge. It is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Canal Grande and used to be the economic center of the city.

The Accademia, one of Venice’s most important art collections, is just a few minutes walk from the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum. Those interested can also buy tickets directly here. Not far away is another of Venice’s top sights, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. After another 5 minutes on foot, at the end of the Canal Grande, one reaches the impressive Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute, already visible from afar.


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